The study of OKAHINA WAVE’s environmental carbon footprint, financed by ADEME

When we conceived the OKAHINA wave, we imagined much more than an artificial surf wave: a system entirely dedicated to the restoration of aquatic biodiversity in degraded environments.

This is why the Solar Impulse label that OKAHINA WAVE received this year was a great recognition, but above all a great encouragement to continue our efforts to protect the environment.

We have therefore decided to take a new step: calculating the environmental carbon footprint of the OKAHINA wave, thanks to the financial support of ADEME.

A complex and necessary study, which is a logical part of our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our project.

A new concrete proof that a paradigm shift is possible in the world of artificial waves.

Far, very far from wave pools which imply an artificialization of soils and an overexploitation of natural resources, with OKAHINA WAVE we rethink the relationship we have with the ecosystems which surround us, to make sobriety a priority.


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