The first surf destinations built around a sustainable artificial wave technology.

Inspired by the natural formation of atolls, OKAHINA uses the natural fluidity and yielding effect of water to create a surfing wave far more environment friendly than any existing artificial wave. A floating atoll that can be adapted to existing body of water, OKAHINA fosters the diversity of the aquatic biotype, limits water heating and constitutes a natural barrier to jellyfish and sharks.

Currently being tested France, the first OKAHINA WAVE will be created in 2023 in the Futuroscope Technopole area (Poitiers FR).


Every 15 seconds, a wave from 80cm to 2 meters high, hollow and tubing, offering a 45 sec ride.
And in a special layout, an endless wave.

Discover the first Okahina Wave VIDEO from our Developement Center


A new generation of artificial wave that reconciles economic development
with respect, and even development of biodiversity.

Economic development:

OKAHINA WAVE is a modular wave that adapts to existing natural or artificial lakes, without a concrete basin or water filtration system. It is the opportunity for the territories, even those located far from natural surf spots to avail economic benefits from water sports.

Surf tourism is a multi-billion euro industry that continues to grow. Surfing activities revenues are between $ 18 and $ 22 million a year per spot. Researchers at Oxford University have shown that a surf spot known for its waves causes greater economic development. According to Eurosima, in France, the number of surfers has more than doubled between 2012 and 2022 from 300,000 to 700 000. In 2020, surf became an Olympic sport, generating even more craze.

Environmental respect

OKAHINA WAVE is designed to reduce its ecological footprint by being removable for example.

It also contributes to the improvement of degraded natural environments by participating in the maintenance of aquatic biodiversity and the proper functioning of these ecosystems.

It is for this reason that the multidisciplinary team of CDC Biodiversité – a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts Group – entirely dedicated to action for biodiversity and its sustainable management, and the Ecocéan company – specializing in aquatic ecosystems-, contribute their technical support and know-how to deploy solutions to foster biodiversity around OKAHINA facilities, in a sustainable way.