The “Seal Of Excellence”, what is it?

Created within the framework of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, the Seal of Excellence label is awarded to projects considered to be of excellent quality. Recognized worldwide the assessment process of the Commission is strict and validated by independent European experts.

With this label exceptionally issued, the Commission aims to increase the visibility of innovative companies with high potential and facilitate their access to private, public, national and international funding.

What does it mean for Okahina Wave*, the First Eco-friendly Surfing Wave?

After the “Blue Ocean Award” received from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, this “Seal of Excellence” symbolizes a political will to reconcile economic development with the protection of the biodiversity, by supporting a new European industry in the world of Greentech / Sport & Leisure.

Beyond the assessment criteria such as the technical relevance and the disruptive nature of the innovation, its proof of concept, its patents, its industrial implementation, the economic impact, the quality of the team… This label is a recognition of the challenge faced by the team and its partners.

It shows the desire of the Commission and its experts to support a project with a purpose, an ambition for the planet, this common good to the whole living world. Whatever the economic potential, we can no longer ignore the reality of the biodiversity decline. This label expresses the determination to support a project that, like a leverage effect, could inspire other European entrepreneurs to think differently and act quickly.

It’s an emergency. If we lose this combat for biodiversity, all the other fights will no longer make sense.

Okahina Wave is The First Eco-friendly Surfing Wave. It limits its impact on the environment and improves the biodiversity of aquatic environments degraded by humans, while creating new surf spots that generate economic and tourist activity for the territories.

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